Planning a ChooseREAL event can look like; hosting a picnic in the park, to a school lunch-time get-together, afternoon tea with the girls, or an event bringing your whole community together.  It’s your choice. What are you passionate about hosting?

This is an opportunity to let girls in your world know that they are more than enough, just as they are. 

So grab a friend and start planning your ChooseREAL event today! 

You could also get us to come and run our interactive ChooseREAL Workshop and empower together. 

INSPIRATION - Example events 

These are just brief ideas to give you inspiration of how you could run your ChooseREAL Event.  

They include some additional activities / themes to add to our 5 simple steps above:


GARDEN PARTY: Have fun in the sun! You could make some flower wreath calendars** or flower crowns. Make one for yourself and one for someone else who needs encouraging.

HIGH TEA: Make some delicate and delicious treats for your friends! Make the table or living room really fancy with some doily decorations. You could even do some tea cup painting and write little notes to encourage one another.

SUSHI PARTY: Make your own sushi, build some origami encouragements, and show off your best singing voice at karaoke!

MEXICAN FIESTA: With piñata (filled with encouragements / ChooseREAL challenges), churros, nachos, and coloured pom pom making.

TRIVIA NIGHT: Sharing, food, and mingle activities in between trivia questions and games (could be themed around inspirational stories / being REAL).

CRAFT PARTY: Relax while bringing out your creativity - lots of DIY activities for you, share stage.

Share Some Love:

SCHOOL LUNCH-TIME HANG OUT: Your lunchtime hangout with your friends can be the perfect opportunity to boost each other up. Snape some selfies, take turns bringing some snacks, and return to class feeling fuller with joy.

CLASS PARTIES: Snacks, empowering worksheets / activities, pass it on (around the school and beyond), story time. 

WORK TIME SHARING: During lunch hour, bring in some snacks and share stories with your workmates. It may have an impact you didn’t expect!

UNI GATHERING: When you’re not cramming for that exam or sweating over that essay, kick back over a coffee or drink with your uni mates and encourage some story-sharing.

PICNIC IN THE PARK: Take advantage of the sun and the fresh air! Play some bocce, ring toss, finska/klop, giant jenga, you name it! Bring colourful blankets to sit on while sharing, and prepare some bite-sized snacks in baskets to give the picnic a real authentic feel.

GIRL’S NIGHT IN: Treat yo’self! Have a pamper party: give each other manicures/pedicures and face masks. Watch your favourite chick-flick, and enjoy your favourite dessert. Celebrate each other’s stories in those late-night d’n’ms.

WEEKLY SESSIONS/PROGRAM WITH A GROUP OF GIRLS: Dive deep into the resources and fun activities to last a whole term, to grow and encourage, or be encouraged, with your friends.


BRUNCH TIME: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not make it doubly good by cooking up a feast of sweet and savoury brunch treats for your friends? Enjoy sharing stories over a plate of pancakes or waffles.

BAKE-OFF: Cookies, cupcakes and brownies, oh my! Bake heaps of treats to eat and gift. Have some Masterchef challenges or practice your cake decorating!

DINNER PARTY: Create a feast with our easy three-course-meal dinner plans*! Put a jar of conversation starters or questions on the table, or even organise an activity that suits your group.

POT-LUCK PARTY: Everyone gets to contribute by bringing a dish! Share stories over a meal or print off suggestions and cut into strips to put into jars around the table for people to answer with those around them as you’re sharing your meals.

ACTIVE Events:

WHOLE GRADE/SCHOOL DAY/AFTERNOON: Sharing, mingle activities, have some round-robin fun, organise a live band and some face painting, as well as everyone’s favourite sausage sizzle.

ALL-IN GAMES: Arrange some big group games to bring everyone together in fun! Have team challenges or play some encouraging wide-game (clues to ChooseREAL). See who can succeed in minute to win it challenges. Alternatively, have some sporting fun with soccer, netball, or oz tag, and of course outdoor messy games are always a whole lot of silly fun.

BONFIRE NIGHT: Make s'mores, bring a guitar and some lyrics to sing-along songs everyone knows, and use the fire to prompt sharing.

POOL/BEACH PARTY - Who doesn’t love kicking back by the pool or at the beach? Bring some fun inflatables, play some pool games, or even use our underwater ChooseREAL photobooth!

DANCE PARTY: Whether it’s a disco, barn dance, or zumba, bust out your best moves in an all in fun dancing night, with breaks for sharing.

CAMP OR WEEKEND RETREAT: The purpose of the retreat is to continually being uplifted and empowered with fun and meaningful activities that bring you all together.


It's up to you! You create an event big or small, packed full of activities or super chilled and relaxed.  

We can't wait to be a part of your journey and share in the stories.