Esteem Designz Program is a comprehensive and targeted resource designed to champion girls (pre-teens to young adults) to know and be content and confident in their REAL identity and value, and see and encourage the value of others. 

Girls are equipped with key skills and tools to flourish in life...

all through CREATIVITY


Esteem Designz Program is based on fun, interactive and meaningful Design Projects and activities to resource organisations and individuals to engage, equip and empower girls.

The Design Projects are expressive and practical tools / coping strategies that the girls can continue to use throughout life.


Each girl receives a beautifully packaged kit; ready to go and easy to use – which means all the work is done for you, and the Facilitator’s Resource Manual is also easy to use and flexible to meet your group needs.


As the girls create the 5 Design Projects/tools and engage in group discussions, they create authenticity and confidence in who they really are, discover their unique characteristics, celebrate differences instead of comparing, grow in friendships and unity, social and emotional skills, build resilience, achieve goals that boost self-confidence and worth, learn practical strategies to overcome challenges and change, and respect and engage positively with themselves, those around them and their community, and more. 


Esteem Designz Program is very flexible to meet your group needs. There are 5 carefully focused stages, each with a specific Design Project + Discussion Points + Interactive Activities, that can be run over a time frame to suit you. The most common being 8-10 weeks for 45mins-1hr – however, many options are available. Esteem Designz can be implemented within in-school programs, small groups, welfare programs, mentoring, camps + +

Target Age: Girls in grade 5-10 (10-16yrs old - effectively used with pre teens and young adults too).

Participating in Esteem Designz Program is a joyful, uplifting and transforming experience.


The Girl’s Resource Kits can also be a gorgeous and meaningful gift; for girls to complete on their own or with a special friend (parent, mentor, sibling, friend).

Why not invest in this life-affirming gift for the next birthday, Christmas or just because you love them!


Esteem Designz has been implemented in over 250 schools, welfare and community organisations across Australia, with 3,000 girls being equipped and empowered and impacting the girls around them.


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Film – Program in Action

Film – Introduction to Esteem Designz 


Stories of transformation 

Esteem Designz changed my life. Before Esteem Designz, I felt isolated and excluded from the other girls in my grade, but through Esteem Designz and the lessons we learnt about friendship and encouragement, the other girls included me more and became my friends. I felt free to be myself and so did they. I no longer needed to change who I was to fit in, but we all saw that everyone is unique and special in their own way, and that’s great! The whole grade become closer as we shared our troubles and gave advice to each other. Now we are one big happy family that supports each other. It was also so fun and I loved creating all the cool projects that helped us heaps.
— Erin, Grade 6 Participant (from the story in Why We Exist)
Through Esteem Designz I discovered more about myself and learnt to trust and believe in who I am. Through the awesome projects I now know that I can cope with anything and learnt really helpful ways to deal with life. I also learnt that we all have a purpose and not to put others or ourselves down. I feel much more confident in myself.
— Jas, Grade 8 Participant
Esteem Designz was awesome, fantastic and fabulous! I love it so much and I wish it never ended. Everything was so much fun and really easy to understand and follow. I loved it because it taught us to be ourselves and let our inner-self shine. I realised that I can do anything and not to doubt myself.
— Elouise, Grade 6 Participant
I feel much more confident in myself after Esteem Designz. I learnt to not to let anyone put you down and that you don’t have to be perfect all the time. I feel more confident in handling situation now. I loved finding out what makes us all unique. It was fun, motivational and such a worthwhile experience.
— Year 10 Participant

Anyone can make lasting impacts in girls' lives through Esteem Designz.

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