Your Sweet 16 reminder postcard




  • Savour the blessings / moments
  • Celebrate the steps
  • Be thankful in everything

We are not expecting nothing to go wrong, to be smooth sailing, to face no challenges (haha, if only!!), but we are being expectant of tasting sweet goodness! It's all about ourperspective and focus.  And we are choosing to have a sweet perspective.  

A focus ready to go, so when the sour times come, we can step back and see them through the lens of our sweet glasses - knowing that there is treasure in every circumstance, something we can learn, grow from, and help others with.  

Life is too short to miss the moments, to be so focused on the circumstance that we miss all the incredible things going on around us. We want to stop and savour the moments, sit a while and enjoy all the sweet blessings around us this year. 

It is so easy to get caught up in our to do lists, goals and busyness, that we easily forget to celebrate the steps.  But every step, even the baby ones count. This year, we want to stop and celebrate before we go racing onto the next thing. Take a moment to breathe, to acknowledge, to be kind to ourselves. 

And in everything, we want to be thankful.  Gratitude is one of the greatest perspective changers.  Its so simple, but so effective. Our outlooks on life really do change when we begin to be thankful. By intentionally being thankful, we are training our brain to notice more blessings, more good, more sweet treats.  The more we train, the more our brains will automatically see the sweetness and then without even realising we'll walk into a sour patch, and still see sweetness glistening around us. 

So, this is a focus for us this year. You are more than welcome to join us in this journey.  Yes, there will be times we totally forget and maybe even feel like we're sinking in the sour mud, but we're standing with you and we can be each other's sweet detectors. 

We hope you have a wonderfully SWEET 16 x