We want to thank the incredible people/companies that HAVE helpED make Choosereal campaign possible.

YOU - This campaign is all about empowering YOU, so thank you for joining with us!  Thank you for every moment you choose to be REAL and embrace and celebrate your REAL identity and value.  The world is a better place when you are sharing your true self. Thank you for living out the truth that you are more than enough, just as you are - even when you stumble or get lost, thank you for not giving up.  Thank you for every time your encourage someone else in their journey, a kind word, a bright smile, a helping hand, a generous gift, reminding them of their value and worth. Thank you for being YOU.  

Thank you for sharing our message. 

We loved being able to partner with these generous and talented people / companies.  

Thank you for the time, goods and services you provided to help us make lasting impacts. 

Website development - by Josh Brown - Studio Boldest

Prints - Cornerstone Press who generously and professionally produced our incredible prints.

Tee / Campaign Photography - Caleb Westwood - Caleb Westwood Photography

Tee Printing - the wonderfully talented and dedicated Mel Ekermans

ChooseREAL Films (Just Be + We See) - Film Production by Sam Heaton - Three Parts Light

Campaign Photography - Kristen Brooke -The Paper Fox

Prints Photography - Jess Kenny

The beautiful girls and guys who featured in our film and photoshoots - you represent our ChooseREAL message so wonderfully!

Our amazing team - we couldn't pull this all off without your dedicated support, talents and passion. 

Our friends and family - who support us reaching our dreams to make lasting impacts. Thank you for being there for us, for helping us through the challenges, for dropping everything when we need a hand or an extra model. You inspire us to keep choosing REAL everyday - for us, for you and for everyone else.