Yay! Todays the day - when you're going to see your planning pay off and experience the joy that comes from giving and encouraging others.  This checklist should help you not forget anything. 


Set up: As soon as you can access your venue, set up any mingling activities and spaces you are creating - ChooseREAL Selfie Photobooth, Story Station, Merch stall etc. Set up chairs, food tables, drinks etc, activities.

Audio / Visual: Set up system / projector / laptop to play our ChooseREAL film + any story pics / clips. Set up your music ready to go.

Decorations: If you are using any of our printable or DIY decorations, posters or anything else you’d like to create a welcoming environment with. Resources including in your registration.

Sharing stories: Do you need microphones set up? A couch for a panel? Remind any speakers that their story is unique and valuable.

Activities: Set up any resources, equipment, materials you need for any activities you’d like to run. There are many resources, ideas, downloads included in your registration.

Guests: As people arrive, welcome them, thank them for coming and any contributions they are making (bringing a plate of food to share, entry fee / raffle), invite them to engage with any spaces you have created.

Share: Have cameras ready to take in the action / capture the memories from your event.

Donations: If you are raising funds and people don’t have cash or want to donate a bigger amount, have our ChooseREAL donation page open on your laptop / iPad to capture their donation there and then. You can get them to add a message to the donation that it was made at your event.

Merch: If you have pre-ordered our beautiful merchandise for your guests, have this ready to give out - have your order forms so you can keep track of who ordered what. You can also have order forms set up for post orders, or a laptop / device set up for people to order directly online. Order forms included in your registration.

Enjoy: Enjoy your empowering event!


Share: Stories, pics, videos, memories, impacts - with your guests and us. Post via social media, through emails, newsletters. Tag/copy us in so we can share in your journey.

Funds: If you were raising funds for ChooseREAL, bank these via our donation page or contact us directly.

Merch stall: If you were collecting additional orders from guests to place a bulk order after your event, do this online via our shop page.