More than enough Cards

Print and cut out as many as you want - so many great ways to spread the message.

Check out our Finders Keepers Competition using these cute cards. 

>> NEW - We also have these cards now  READY TO GO IN BUNDLE PACKAGES  for you! Which means no work! MoreThanEncough Cards

Ways to Use +

Encouraging Note

Look out for people who could use some encouragement, write their name on the top and even a message on the back, or simply give them the card, or tag people in a ChooseREAL post.

Finders Keepers

Leave these cards around for people to find (in a café, library book, bus stop, train seat, slipped into someone's pocket or bag etc) – a message to encourage whoever comes across it.

Pass it on

See how many people you can pass the card around to and join the movement – write your name on the back – take a selfie, and pass it on. Then that person can write their name on the back, take a selfie, tag the person they got the card from, and pass it on… Like an empowering chain.

Share and Declare

Take a selfie with this card and post it on your social media streams – encourage others to join with you in this movement and that they are more than enough, just as they are.

Campaign Cards

Print these cards to stick in your journal, hang on your vision board, or download as your phone / computer screen saver, wallpaper or profile pic. Be reminded of your worth and value.