I Won't Hide Behind My Imperfections

Delphine's Story, France

What does being REAL look like for you? 

"Being REAL to me means that despite my physical struggle and my imperfections, I choose joy and self-confidence.

It's been a long 10 year battle, one that I am only recently overcoming... At 23 my face broke out in acne and the mirror became my enemy - highlighting the imperfections that I felt defined me, thinking "I was not pretty enough". But no more! I decided not long ago to accept the way I look and that maybe it will stay forever, so I may as well not just accept it but make the most of it! This has helped me see my true worth. 

I don't want to hide my imperfections the way I feel pressured by others and the media to. They are part of me. I choose to be myself, natural, and it starts for me with my physical appearance. I don't care about people's opinions anymore. I know my worth and that's enough. 

Being REAL for me also means that despite the fashion trends or despite the norms, I will not always act, speak, eat, dress as everyone else does.  And that's ok, even good! And not to worry or listen to the judgements of others." 

What's stopping you?

"Today nothing is stopping me most of the time. When people's remarks are trying to stop me, it is only for a short period of time. It does not discourage me forever because I have realised my infinite worth and value."