Free to live Happily - Evelyn

what does being REAL look like to you ?

REAL is being able to live my life how I want to live my life. I no longer have to worry about what people think of me. I am free to be me and I am free to live happily and I can do so with confidence and with a smile on my face.

What's stopping you or what use to stop you and how did you break free?

I went through a low point in my life where I suffered with low self esteem and no confidence. I suffered from skinny shaming when I was younger so I covered up myself. 

As I got older I suffered with feeling like I still needed to cover up because I was "too fat". 

I was denying myself the chance of happiness and would not do certain things like wearing a bikini on holiday or wearing pretty dresses. I was worried about being judged. 

But one day, I just woke up and thought "Life is too short to deny yourself happiness, you have experienced a lot of sadness and upset in your life, so wear the bikini, wear the pretty dress, you have a life to live and memories to make and you don't want to look back in X amount of years with regret that you denied yourself so much happiness because of what others might think".

Evelyn Jo

"She is the Global Ambassador for Pin-up's Against Bullying and England Chapter Advocate."