Ellie - Most Empowering Thing I Have Done

"I ChooseREAL - it's been the most freeing and empowering thing I have done and want to encourage everyone else to join me in this movement and know you are more than enough!" Sharing your story of what being REAL looks like for you can bring freedom, hope and courage to others.

Growing up in a technology obsessed world it's often hard to focus on who I want to be and how to be real with my identity. There's often negative posts on my fb or Instagram from friends and media companies that leave me questioning my self worth. Esteem Designz and their ChooseREAL campaign has posts that always stand out on my social media and gives me a burst of encouragement and motivation for the day! Im so glad that I am now involved in this revolution and I've taken the stand to choose real and be me!

What does being REAL look like for you?


What's stopping you?

Fear of rejection. 

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