Lifting Each Other Up To Reach Our Goals - Gracie

I believe it is so important for girls to lift each other up and support each other. I am an 11yo competitive surfer out of Florida. I'm constantly competing against some of my best friends. I have learned to not compare myself to anyone else. We all are out there doing our best. When I don't get the results I want I almost always learn something, when I do succeed or winin my goals I feel my confidence build. I realize that we are all out there trying our best and having fun. Im learning to focus more on what I need to do for myself rather than what someone else is or isn't doing yet. Everyone has their own strengths, embrace your strengths and the rest will flow. Competing sometimes means failing but it is important to never ever ever give up. Sometimes God is seeing how tough you really are so keep on going. If you have a goal..keep on going no matter what. My goal is to be a pro surfer one day and who knows maybe the Olympics.

Gracie Brydges | Competitive Surfer

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Photo credit-Jeff King