Imperfect World Changer - Jen

"My life has changed drastically in the past few months. I had to face my fears and insecurities by letting go what isn't for me and enter into the unknown as God continues to reveal His true plan. I had to embrace who I am especially the way God sees me.

I choose real because I'm tired of being someone that I'm not. My life is anything but perfect. However, everyone has a story. Your story can impact someone who is currently experiencing similar struggles (anxiety, eating disorders, pain, insecurities, alcohol/drug abuse, identity crisis, comparison, purity, perfectionism, etc).

You are REAL because you're honest of who you are. I am REAL because I am not afraid to say that I struggle and that my life isn't Insta-perfect. Don't be afraid to be you. Don't be afraid to share your story. Be an imperfect world changer.

I'm Jenifer Fair! I am a blogger and dreaming to be a speaker for young women who desperately want to be women who Jesus called them to be. Check out my blog at and feel free to follow me on Instagram @jenfair or Twitter @jeniferfair