Our founder, Ruth Lewis-Jones, didn’t set out to start a movement.  She simply saw a need and wanted to create a solution.  In 2010, Ruth was heartbroken as she witnessed all the confronting issues and ever increasing pressures her youth girls faced daily.  She knew she too had faced these issues and that all girls faced them to some degree at some time in their lives.  Ruth was determined create a way for girls to feel content and confident in their REAL identity and value, and be equipped with skills and tools to endure and thrive through life’s challenges.  She had no idea this passion would bring transformation, freedom and hope to countless girls across the country.

Ruth’s vision was realised in Esteem Designz – a creative program building self-esteem, identity and confidence in girls, now used in schools, and community and welfare organisations across Australia. More info

Her passion and journey was inspiring so many, and more and more girls were being engaged, equipped and empowered through Esteem Designz. 


Ruth was blown away by the impact Esteem Designz was having and the endless testimonies she was receiving, giving her motivation to push through the challenges… Then with Esteem Designz growing, she had another dream (actually pages of things she’d love to develop one day to further enable girls).

But again, it started with an encounter that ignited her passion.  Ruth was working in a school when she met up with Erin in year 6 who shared with her that the popular girls told her she had to change her hair, her clothes AND her personality if she wanted to fit in.

Ruth was broken-hearted when Erin told her this, but even more broken-hearted when Erin thought it was actually what she had to do to be accepted.

Erin had no idea how valuable and unique she was and was willing to trade in her REAL identity for what she thought she HAD to be.

She was about to become a clone to please others, throwing away all her own beautiful interests, values, desires, dreams and goals.
— Ruth Lewis-Jones, Founder

That was enough! Ruth was now determined to take the heart and mission of Esteem Designz to another platform to bring freedom around these debilitating messages, and reach and impact many more girls with the truth that they are more than enough, just as they are. 

Ruth knew she was not alone in this desire to bring confidence, hope and freedom, and brought together an incredible team of people passionate about making a difference. 

Have you ever been in Erin’s shoes, feeling inadequate to just be yourself, or how many Erin’s do you know in your life? A peer, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, a friend, a sister, a neighbour, a student, a stranger…

Ruth's Personal journey Of Choosing REAL...

There was a time I didn't choose real. I chose to try and be like everyone else. I desperately wanted to fit in. But I couldn't. I was trying to be what I thought others wanted, but was always left feeling confused and empty. In my mind, I was not enough...  See the full post by our brave founder Ruth.