We are passionate about enabling girls to CHOOSE what messages they believe and share, CHOOSE their outcomes, CHOOSE to embrace and celebrate their REAL identity and value, and

bring freedom around the 3 universal fears of:

  • Not being loved

  • Not belonging

  • Not being enough

We believe this is a vital message that all girls/women need to hear and be empowered to live out.  

We are creating resources and many ways for girls/women (and everyone) to engage in the conversation, be equipped and empowered, and -

Together create a shift in our culture of Complete acceptance – of self, and others.

Our main deliverables:

Digital Campaign

Online platform enabling and encouraging a new empowering community - where you feel safe, free and confident to  share your REAL selves, your stories, encourage and learn from one another, be empowered and inspired by others.

Social media take over - having positive and uplifting messages fill your threads + tools, insights and the power of stories. Running competitions enabling you to engage with and share our message. Spreading our hashtags everywhere #ChooseREAL #MoreThanEnough

Resources, merchandise and initiatives

Our beautiful merchandise - constant reminders of your worth and value. Gorgeous gifts with purpose.

Our resources, downloadables, freebies, links and more to bring freedom and empower you in your journey.

Our initiatives to help you connect with the ChooseREAL message - taking a stand for you, your loved ones, and all those around you. 

Working alongside schools, community groups to share the message/resources and together create this cultural shift.


DIY Events - providing resources, downloads, and activities for you to take the ChooseREAL message into your spaces/communities and make lasting impacts with us.

Our Events - running events to bring girls together with their mums, aunties, grandmas and friends to equip, empower and enable them in being brave and choosing REAL everyday.  

Stalls / Interactive Spaces - working alongside events and community groups to provide creative outlets and interactive spaces encouraging people to courageously ChooseREAL and know they are more than enough. Also providing resources, and sharing our story to empower others in the journey.