Find Your Passion and Be You - Abby

What does being REAL look like for you?:

You can't please everyone. People can be mean and there will always be someone else who seems better than you. Being real means never letting those things stop you. To me, being real means focusing on what fills your heart. When you find your passion, you chase it. The most beautiful thing is this world is when someone authentically speaks about their passions.

What's stopping you? Or what use to stop you and how did you break free?: People's opinions of me use to hold me back. Not "fitting in" makes a person feel worthless. I overcame this when I realized being "popular" isn't what makes a person likable. Authenticity is what humans crave. We all want to be known and feel loved for who we are.

What advice would you give your younger self?:

Don't worry about what is "cool". "Cool" is a made up word for people who lack individuality. Be bold and put yourself out there. Dedicate your life to loving others and being a light in a dark world!

Why are you standing with ChooseREAL / what does it mean for you?:

I am standing with ChooseREAL because I believe everyone has worth. As girls, we are told to be a certain weight, wear certain clothes, and act a certain way in order to be liked. So many girls have never been told that extent of their worth... ChooseREAL is here to tell you "You are perfect the way you are. Stop trying to impress and just love yourself!"

Abby Camp | @abby_camp_