I am Unique - Haylie

There are many challenges in life and being a young girl we face lots of different experiences that change us and make us who we are in life.

I decided some time ago I wanted to be involved in the film, modeling, industry. I was super excited about getting started and learning all I could.

As I began the journey I realized I was getting noticed by others through social media as well as through jobs and shows that I was involved with. It was then that I began to be told things that were very uncomfortable for me to hear.

I was told by others that I could not be a model, that I should not smile because I had an ugly smile and my teeth were not pretty.

I did not know how to respond to this at first and I went into a shell deciding that maybe they were right, and I went for a period of time not smiling because I felt self conscious about my teeth.

It was not until I met an amazing photographer named Jonathon Chia that I realized I could smile again. My mom had told him during the shoot what had happened and why I was not smiling much. He made me understand in just a few words  telling me, “your smile is unique and its fine the way it is". He was kind and made me laugh and smile even more during the shoot.

He probably does not know the impact he had on me but because he said I was UNIQUE. I realized that yes I can smile and my teeth  are beautiful just as they are. I was not afraid to smile afterwards.

I struggled still with other comments about my skin tone. I was called Pale face, and PASTE, because they said my skin tone was very pale. I tried to ignore the comments but it was hurtful to me.

I was told I would not be a model or actress because I was not preferred.  I felt like I was being judged because my skin color.

As a young girl it can be difficult to love yourself feeling like you are an outcast.

My mom and me have had many talks about this and over the years I have become stronger and the biggest help has been my faith in God.

I have taken time to reflect on myself and think about the negative words said to me. I have been given great mentors in my life that have helped me overcome the feelings I was having. I learned that God has made me who I am and I am a Unique person, that I am beautiful, strong, and I can do whatever I want, that the words being said do not make me who I am.

I began to use those negative comments as fuel for me to be stronger and to work harder and to remember that there is only one ME, and I choose how I feel and I choose what I will do in my life, that the negative comments are only words and nothing more.

To this day I still get that comment, but now I just ignore it and I choose to be braver than they are, and I do what makes me happy.

I take the negative and turn it into positive by going out and accomplishing my goals I have set for myself and not letting social media or negative comments dictate my path.

I challenge all who are suffering to do the same. Take the negative and use it as fuel for your fire.

Don't believe those negative words, look in the mirror and say to yourself that you are enough and you are beautiful, and you are strong.

Take your life back from those negative comments and be the best you that you can be and most of all remember that God made you a unique individual and you have purpose in life.

So go be great and pray for people who are sending negative vibes your way. Pray that they be guided to be better as a person and learn to love themselves as well. Its hard dealing with these types of issues but we can be the greater person and share love and hope to all making the world a better place.

Haylie Nowell