Belly Love - Sabrina

Hi! My name is Sabrina - and yes I am poking my bare belly. I've always been self-conscious as a child about my weight, and even though family and friends always told me I was beautiful, I may have sheepishly smiled with thanks, but deep down never fully believed it was true. From my own life experiences and personal development, I believe that everyone in their own way wants to feel PEACE - in mind, body, with ourselves, with others, in community, at work - all the time. Through yoga and meditation, I discover peace and self-love within myself and am able to find balance and connection in my life - and sharing this, and more on my blog about my journey to discover strength in wellness, I hope to inspire and help others on their own path to feel free to be truly themselves and live with heart and passion.

What does being REAL look like for you?: 

Raw. Natural. Unedited. Uncensored. As you are. No games. No hiding. No cover-ups. TRUTH. Uniquely YOU. As a yoga teacher, sometimes I get caught up in cuing instructions, lefts and rights, sequencing, etc. But what I've discovered is in those moments of not knowing what to say next, not knowing the answer, being in that moment of unknown; when I STOP trying really hard to reach for it, and just BREATHE and listen - the answer presents itself ("off the mat" into life, too!) I am able to laugh at myself, not take it so seriously, roll with it and move on to the next - it is in these moments that MAGIC happens - I feel connection, flow, LOVE, gratitude and presence. Most especially in moments like these when I grab belly fat and smile and giggle, is when I think of just how far I've come on my journey to feel whole, discovering my own strength in wellness and come to know more about Sabrina <3

What's stopping you? Or what use to stop you and how did you break free?: 

Lately, would be my pride - that I have to know it all and get it right - Perfectionism has insidious ways of showing itself. This idea in society and media - especially social media - to be perfect and look a certain way, with photofilters and editing, it's easy to create what this idea of what perfect should look like. I am a recovering perfectionist. My teacher @jpsurfyogi reminded me the other day that "Progress is Perfection". Ever since I can remember, I've had this innate need to get everything right, to have the right answer, the perfect plan, to have control of outcomes, to feel secure. One way to break free of this is to stop comparing my own path to others and trust deep down in my gut that I know what is right. No one has walked my path, nor I on anyone else's path - they may have similar situations but different experiences and perspectives on their own journey.

What advice would you give your younger self?: 

My godmother has always been planting seeds of inspiration ever since I was little. The two things I remember are "Be True to Yourself" and "You Always Have a Choice" In addition to these two gold nuggets of inspiration, I would tell my younger self that I love you, I'm always here for you, never give up on yourself, passions and dreams, trust your gut, I support you and that you are always enough, worthy, and loved in every moment no matter what - BIG HUGS! <3

Sabrina Pantaleon

Ahimsa Yoga Teacher, Discover Strength in Wellness!