Honouring My Scars - Linda

I choose real by honouring my scars rather than hiding them. 

Each one is a reminder of a battle fought, a challenge overcome, a mistake that has been redeemed and a lesson learned. 

The scar on my chin is from a mountain biking adventure that went awry. 

The scar on my leg is from a cancer removed and destroyed. 

The scars on my stomach are from accommodating life. 

The scars on my hands are from a childhood of exploration. 

The scars on my heart are from love deeply invested but not always reciprocated. 

Some of these scars are the result of my foolishness, others came through circumstances beyond my control. 

But they are all reminders that in spite of what has happened to me I am still standing, still smiling, still here. 

Why would I hide those things that have brought me so much wisdom, gratitude and courage? 
Choosing real is a daily decision to let go of what I am ‘supposed to be’ and embracing who I am, scars and all! 

Linda Pesavento

We are so honoured to have Linda Pesavento join us as a ChooseREAL Advocate. She is an inspirational Speaker, Author, Pastor & Founder of 'The She Is Project'