Why ChooseREAL? Laura Bennett Shares 5 Empowering Reasons

What does being ‘real’ mean to you?

By Laura Bennett - ChooseREAL Advocate. Laura cohosts Hope 103.2 Breakfast, is the author of 'Live Your Dream', and Founder of The Connect Press. 


For me it brings about thoughts of authenticity: being true to our personal beliefs, and narrowing the gap between who we are on the inside, and how we represent ourselves on the outside. It’s about recognizing the value of your individuality, and courageously showing it off.

When you choose real, you’re choosing to be your best self and defiantly poke your tongue out at self-consciousness, fear, and external limitation. You know you’ve got frailties and failures, but guess what – so does everyone else! By deciding to be real, you decide to make that ok.

In choosing real you’re also choosing to adopt a REAL ideal of love and value and beauty. You don’t subscribe to the superficiality dished out to you that says some people are beautiful and others are not; you know that everyone is loved, has deep worth, and is uniquely purposed.

Here’s 5 Reasons to ChooseREAL:

>> It creates a culture of freedom

You may have heard it said that if you know the truth, the truth will set you free. Looking at the filtered reality we observe online and in a lot of media, there’s so many facades and personas and design going into the finished product we consume, the concept of ‘truth’ is warped. We see such a narrow depiction of our idols’ lives, misleading our beliefs about beauty and worth. Yet when you choose real, you make a choice to choose authenticity, and in authenticity truth, and in truth - freedom. Your choice to be honest about what you believe, your failures, and the things that bring you joy, brings freedom.

>> It gives you room to fail

When your identity rests in an understanding of inclusive beauty, and unconditional love, the times you mess up, embarrass yourself, or just straight out say the wrong thing suddenly don’t matter so much. Your sense of value and worth isn’t tied up in your ability to be ‘perfect’ (…which is GREAT news because I’ve had have far too many face-palm moments already to make that cut).

>> It sets you on the path to your purpose

I believe each of us are on earth with a purpose wholly our own, yet universally important. No matter what the circumstance of our birth, we are here for a reason. And all our quirks, traits, tendencies and experiences are part of what make us just right for the job. Our dreams and gifts are like breadcrumbs, marking the path ahead. If we abandon any part of who we are in response to society’s view of value, or negative concepts of love, we cut short our potential. And it simply isn’t worth it for the extra ‘like’ or ‘follow’ it may get us.  

>> It gives other people permission to ChooseREAL

You know when you’re at a friend’s party and everyone’s ogling the food table with the chocolate fountain and cheese platter? That’s a moment where someone needs to make the first move. All the guests have the same objective: get my strawberry coated in deliciousness, and get that deliciousness into my mouth. But it takes someone making a move to make that ok. Especially if you’re with a new group of friends in a new persons house: you need permission. When you choose real, you set the platform for others to feel ok with choosing real as well. Your honesty, and acceptance of your own wackiness creates a safe space for others to embrace theirs. Your decision has a ripple effect, and the sooner it means we can all have chocolate-coated strawberries the better.

>> It's way more fun

Yes, choosing real is FUN. When you think of the people you admire and love to be around, part of what makes them the best company is a fresh-faced confidence to run after their passion. They have bad jokes, a favourite shirt you know they only wash every other week – and they don’t care. Choosing real means choosing to be comfortable in your own skin, and it’s a BLAST. Life couldn’t be more ridiculous, free, or fantastic any other way.


I am absolutely stoked to partner with ChooseREAL Campaign and see guys and gals hear a true message of love and value.  Wherever you come from, and wherever you’re going, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.  #ChooseREAL