Stories are such a powerful tool and connector to bring freedom, hope and courage to others. 

Everyone has a story, each unique and powerful.

At this point in the event, take a moment to share your story, and / or other people’s stories.

This invites people in to discover, own and share their own stories.  

You could:

  • Do spotlight stories - quick snippets of a few girls sharing their story / journey
  • Have a panel of people sharing their stories, advice, experiences, and even answering questions
  • Have one longer, more in depth story / sharing the journey (you and/or reach out to a speaker or inspirational person in their world - we can also do this with you)
  • Have as many girls as you want sharing what being REAL looks like for them and what's stopping them or used to stop them (our response card) - could start off with one and then run this activity (details in next section)
  • Have different people read out letters to their younger self

Check out Eleanor’s story below for inspiration.


ELeanor's story


Watch Eleanor's longer testimony here >>  

Read our Founder, Ruth's Story here >>


  • What does being REAL look like for you?
  • What stops you or used to stop you from being REAL / embracing who you really are?
  • Any tips or tools you’ve discovered / grown in?
  •  Share progress / story – where was I (a season / experience of not being real), what was the impact of this, what made me want to change (critical moment / experience, choice), new insights now?
  • Advice you would share with your younger self / the girl in your story?
  • Why you are part of the ChooseREAL movement – what it means to you?
  • What our heartbeat message of “you are more than enough, just as you are”, means to you, your experience
  • Encouraging reflective thought / idea to empower others