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Your story is so valuable to us and can bring freedom, hope and courage to others.

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Will you stand with us?

Be part of the movement by sharing a pic with you and ‘I #ChooseREAL’. Write it on paper, on your hand, print off our blackboard, chalk it somewhere – get as creative as you want. We just want to see your beautiful face. 

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Posting your ChooseREAL Selfie

Thank you so much for joining us in our mission to encoruage girls to embrace and celebrate their REAL identity and value and live the life THEY CHOOSE. We are so passionate about empowering girls (and everyone) to know and live out the truth that they are loved and valued, that they belong, and that they are more than enough!

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Post a photo of you 'I #ChooseREAL + #MoreThanEnough – can be written on paper, on your hand, using our blackboard, chalked someone, get as creative as you want – we just want to see your beautiful face somewhere.

Tag us and our hashtags #ChooseREAL #MoreThanEnough

Encourage your friends to join and nominate people to post their own ChooseREAL Selfie. Let's take this message to everyone.

Thank you so much for being #MoreThanEnough - just as you are! You're amazing!


What does being REAL look like for you?

What’s stopping you?

We invite you to share with us and inspire others with your story – it’s yours, its REAL, its unique. 

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IT's Your Story

Simply click on the link above to share your story with us. Your story is so valuable to us and can bring freedom, hope and courage to others. Choosing REAL starts with a few courageous people who take a stand for their own lives and those around them. Whatever you'd like to share is a privilege for us to receive.

Thank you for being an inspiration to our growing community of girls and women standing up for each other in embracing and celebrating their REAL identity and value and living a confident and courageous life that they choose.

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We love seeing how others share and take on the ChooseREAL message. Share your ChooseREAL event - the journey, the transformations, show us pics, inspire others.

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See the amazing stories of inspiration and empowerment from those who ChooseREAL and encourage others that they are #MoreThanEnough.


Be inspired by Bethany Hamilton why she chooses to be REAL WITH US...

"Choosing REAL is important to me, because I wouldn't want to be anyone else". 



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